Friday, May 16, 2008

Lifelogging can change your life

What does the word lifelog make you think of?

Some people lifelog to share with the world what they are doing at any given time. That’s a fun way to use lifelogging publicly, but it can be a powerful personal tool as well.

Toshio Okada, Japan’s most famous ‘otaku’ commentator, was known for being obese. Recently he has had remarkable success losing weight with a diet plan that he created around lifelogging. He is now sharing the secret of his successful method with the world.

Toshio Okada on Wikipedia

History of his body and face

He calls it the Recording Diet.

It’s really easy. The most important aspect of the Recording Diet is keeping a record of everything that you eat. In his book he shares that simply by doing this every day he lost a significant amount of weight in the early stages of his diet.

Okay, so why would that work? How can you lose weight just by recording what you eat?

It’s a psychological trick. If you have a full record of everything that you eat, when you look at it later you may be surprised and shocked to see what your real habits are.

Also, when you are logging what you do, you subconsciously want to improve your track record. Even if you don’t show the log to anyone, you will make changes in your behavior.

So lifelogging has the potential to dramatically change your behavior for the better.

And when you change your behavior, you can improve the quality of your life.

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