Friday, November 7, 2008

wiki tag

I use Tagaabo to keep track of my personal projects.
I create a tag for a project, and keep logging whatever comes up about that project under the same tag.
For me, Tagaabo is a major project so I log everything related to it with a "tagaabo" tag.
Later on when I want to review any activity on the Tagaabo project, I simply type in "tagaabo" and I can see exactly what's been going on.

For any small project, this works perfectly. However, with a large project like Tagaabo, I found myself lost in a sea of items. There were simply too many entries!

Going over all of your log entries can be useful in some cases, but often, you want to cut to the chase and see only what is current.
So I realized that something like a Wiki could be really helpful.

Here is what I do now.
When I feel a project needs it, I create an entry with a "wiki" tag.
For example, for the Tagaabo project, I have a few items that are tagged with both "tagaabo" and "wiki".

Because you can easily edit Tagaabo entries just by clicking on the text, I keep updating those items with the latest status of the project--just like you would with a wiki. Whenever I want to review or update them, I simply type in "tagaabo wiki" and I can view just those Wiki-like items.