Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bookmark Your Tag Set

Tagaabo is especially useful when combined with your browser's bookmarks.
I have a set of bookmarks for Tagaabo pages that I frequently visit and check.
For example, when I'd like to see what I need to do today,
I just click my browser's bookmark for the following Tagaabo page:


If you look up at the url for a page with any tag combination in Tagaabo, you can see that tag names like "todo" are included in the URL.
And that means that if you bookmark that url, the bookmark will pull up the page with the combination of tags and other conditions (like view type--Lifelog or Calendar), that you want to view.

Here are some other useful bookmarks I have:

Calendar of events

Work related todo list. Sorry for no screenshot, but you got the idea.

Unsolved questions

Tasks I have completed

Also, this entry shows sets of bookmarks that are useful in implementing GTD on Tagaabo.

If you have been using Tagaabo for a while, you may already have some useful bookmarks with your own original tag combinations.
If you have such bookmarks, please share them with us.


Hutzpan said...

Hi hideaki,

How about adding a full-text search in tagaabo? Sounds like a useful feature.


hideaki said...

Hi Hutzpan, thank you for the feedback! I was starting to feel the necessity of full-text search too. I cannot promise yet, but it's possible we do that in near future.

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