Thursday, December 4, 2008

Danger tag!

Sometimes you find danger where you least expect it.
I recently stumbled across an unexpected situation while I was programming.

So when I program, I prefer to have a dark blue background for my editor because the traditional white background is too bright for me.

I was staring at a particular line of code on the dark blue background, lost in thought.
Next to my nice dark blue editor window however, there was a browser window that opened a page with a bright white background.

Later, when I looked away from my monitor, I noticed that part of my vision was lost!
It appears that my iris' were wide open because they were adjusted to the dark background of the editor, and the white light in the periferal screen was too strong and actually damaged my retinas.
Fortunately, my vision recovered after about an hour, but I was extremely worried.

When I have this kind of negative experience, I record it in Tagaabo with a "danger" tag.
That way I can build up my "danger" database, so that I can avoid these type of situations in the future.

By the way, there is a Japanese web site called "the failure knowledge database".
It is a database of failures or accidents which has been compiled in order to help people avoid making the same mistakes.
This page is in Japansese. But even if you don't speak Japanse, the illustrations can make sense.

Check it out:

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